A&D Medical UA-651 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Clinically validated - European Society for Hypertension (ESH)
  • One button operation with 22-32cm cuff
  • 30 memories average reading function plus carry case and optional AC adaptor
  • Irregular Heart Beat Indicator (IHB), World Health Organisation (WHO) Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
  • 5 Year Warranty

Over 20% of UK adults have hypertension

Hypertension increases the risk of developing other health conditions.

Hypertension puts blood vessels under constant stress and damages the artery walls, making them weaker. This makes it more likely to develop clots due to poor blood flow. It can also damage arteries to the point of bursting or tearing, which can lead to internal bleeding.

A&D Medical

What is clinical validation?

Clinical validation is a formal study comparing the accuracy of a blood pressure monitor relative to the measurement of a clinical observer using a mercury sphygmomanometer and stethoscope on a patient.

Clinical validation is comprised of a three major components:


  • Utilisation of modern protocols
  • Independent verification of accuracy
  • Publication in a peer-reviewed journal

Ensure the cuff is the correct size

Ensure the monitor is clinically validated

30 minutes before you take your measurement, do not exercise, do not drink coffee, caffeinated drink, or alcohol, and do not smoke. Sit quietly for 5-10 minutes to relax.


  1. Sit on a chair with your back straight, your legs uncrossed, and your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Place the cuff securely on the arm. Rest your arm on a table for support and make sure the cuff is at heart level.
  3. Press start. During your measurement, do not talk or move.

UA-651 blood pressure monitor

  • Clinically validated for accuracy
  • Indicates an irregular heartbeat (IHB) during a measurement
  • Pressure Rating Indicator classifies blood pressure in accordance with medically approved standards

      Home blood pressure monitoring

      Regularly track your blood pressure at home with a clinically validated blood pressure monitor.

      Simple steps like being more active, eating healthier, and medication prescribed by your doctor, can make a huge difference on managing blood pressure.

      Box Contains

      Blood pressure monitor, adult cuff (22-32cm), batteries, instruction manual, carry bag

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