Brita On Tap V Water Filtration System - delivers better-tasting water with a simple one-click installation

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 Brita Tap water filter system is compatible with the majority of round taps.

The BRITA On Tap V System is simple to install and guarantees fresh filtered water at the flick of a tap!

This next generation of BRITA water filters lasts for 600 litres and takes water filtration to the next level.

Easy to install, it comes with 5 adapters and fits on the vast majority of house hold taps. The BRITA On Tap V System also features an manual analogue capacity indicator with calendar wheel.

Imagine no longer having to carry heavy water bottles. Just turning on the tap for filtered water. Sounds great? The BRITA On Tap V Water Filter System makes it possible – freshly filtered water at all times for serving unexpected guests, for preparing food or simply for you and your family to drink. It’s the go-to product for all convenience lovers. The system provides filtered water for three to four months – at a consumption rate of five to seven litres per day.

One system – three water functions

One, two, three. That’s how many water functions BRITA On Tap V System has to offer: a filtered water stream, an unfiltered water stream (for washing hands, for example) and an unfiltered shower (for washing vegetables, for example). It’s easy to use: Set the lever to the desired function and turn on the tap. The tap water will bypass the filter cartridge when you have it set to unfiltered water mode. When in filtration mode, the water flows through the cartridge and out through a second outlet, which is removable and easy to clean.

Filtration Features

Purer water on demand. This is how it works: Turn the lever to filtration and water will flow through the filter cartridge in 4 stages – for a more natural taste, reduces impurities – preserves minerals (calcium, magnesium):

  • Extra-fine filter fleece prevents coarse particles from old pipes
  • Powerful ion-exchanger fleece reduces metals such as lead
  • Natural Microcarbon from coconut shells reduces odour and taste disturbing substances (e.g., chlorine)
    • Provides natural fresh taste
    • Reduces traces of herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals (such as ibuprofen)*
  • Additional high-performance filter mesh retains small particles > 60 µm
  • *If contained in tap water

Easy to use and install

The water flows with about 1.6 litres per minute through the filter cartridge. This fast filtration speed is ideal for people who need a large amount of filtered water. In addition, up to 600 litres can be filtered with a single cartridge. This is sufficient for three to four months using five to seven litres a day. It’s easy to keep an eye on the filter capacity with the calendar wheel which enables you to set the months when to exchange the filter. And it is not only easy to operate, but also easy to install. This can be done without using any tools. The product is simply attached to the existing kitchen tap using an adapter. The product comes with five different adapters, enabling the BRITA On Tap V Water Filter System to fit most standard taps.

Includes a BRITA On Tap V Filter.

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