Jura CLARIS Pro Water Filter Cartridge Blue 71720 - Single Unit

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1 Jura Claris Pro Blue water filter cartridge.
Filters 300 liter's of water.

The Jura Claris Pro Blue cartridge has been specially developed for Jura Professional espresso machines. This water filter cartridge is coffee neutral and is placed directly in the water reservoir. With this you achieve three important advantages: The guarantee that the coffee water is freshly filtered immediately before use. Secondly, freshly filtered water and unadulterated aromas ensure the ultimate taste experience. Finally, protection and a longer lifespan of your valuable espresso machine.

The Jura Claris Pro Blue is hard against limescale but soft for your espresso machine. You hardly need to descale anymore if you use this filter cartridge.

The Claris Pro Blue filter cartridge fits all JURA machines where the filter holder in the water reservoir is BLUE.

The Jura Claris Pro Blue Water Filter Cartridge is ideal for the following Jura Professional espresso machines: IMPRESSA XJ series (XJ9) and the GIGA X3 / X7 / X9
The other Jura Professional espresso machines use the Jura Claris Pro Smart Water filter cartridge.

Using the Jura Claris Pro Blue filter cartridge is simple. A description can be found in chapter 2 of your Jura espresso machine view. »Dismantling and putting into operation - Installing and activating the filter«.

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