Gillette Fusion Razor Blade Cartridges for Men - 4 Pack

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Designed to bring you optimal performance from either side of its blade, the Gillette Fusion men's razor and razor blades showcase you the real deal of what a shave can really be. The front of this Gillette Fusion blade features five razor blades that are spaced closer together to achieve its five blade shaving technology surface, providing you a razor that is sure to give an optimal convenience and safety.

This design distributes the shaving force across the razor blades to help reduce pressure, with more comfort and less irritation than any other razor blade.


  • 4 x Gillette Fusion Manual Blades


  • Five precision blades, helping reduce pressure per blade for a comfortable shave (versus Mach3)
  • Precision trimmer on back - designed for edging tough areas (nose and sideburns)
  • One razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves
  • Fits with all Fusion razor handles
  • Pack of replacement blades (cartridges)

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