Miele DishClean Dishwashing Cleaning Solution - Food Safe Formula - 160g(5.6 oz)

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Make dishwashing easier and more effective, lessen the hassle of removing stubborn greases that stick on plates with the Miele Dishclean Dishwashing Cleaning Solution!

Manufactured with a food-safe formula that's guaranteed to effectively provide satisfying cleaning process. This solution is designed to remove grease and cleans the vessel of the dishwasher, making it effective and reliable. It prevents limescale build-up and protects the joints and clamps of the dishwasher system. Developed to help retain the elasticity of sealing rings and door, providing every household with a well-maintained dishwasher that delivers an effective solution. This product contains 160g (5.6 oz) of solution.

Equip your home with high-performing products that's every penny with Miele!


1 x Miele Dishclean Dishwashing Cleaning Solution (160 g)


  • Effectively removes grease and cleans the vessel of dishwashers.
  • Helps prevent limescale build-up for safe and contaminant-free utensils.
  • Retains the elasticity of sealing rings and door.
  • Provides protection for the system's joints and clamps.
  • Contains 160 g (5.6 oz.) of food-safe formula.

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