Philips OneBlade First Shave Razor QP2515/16

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Have your first shave

Comfort and safety from the first shave

  • Have your first shave
  • Blade that minimizes friction
  • Battery (rechargeable)
  • For wet and dry use

Exclusive OneBlade technology

She's fast. Very fast. The Philips OneBlade clipper uses a revolutionary blade that allows you to trim hair of any length. 100 movements per second ensure a fast and gentle shave.

Double protection system

She is safe. Very safe. The protective plate on the blade and rounded tips ensure a smooth shave. In this way, OneBlade helps protect your skin from cuts.

Anti-friction blade

It's smooth. Really smooth. We've added a layer of microglass beads to reduce friction while shaving. The razor reduces the risk of irritation, so you don't need foam or water.


Shave quickly against the grain, and OneBlade First Shave will provide a gentle and comfortable shave because it never comes close to the skin.

OneBlade durability

The blades are designed with durability in mind. Replace them every 4 months* for a fast, gentle shave. You can buy replacement blades online or in store.

Efficient battery

The rechargeable battery provides 30 minutes of operation. You have enough time to shave.

Double-sided blade

Unique dual-sided blades let you shave in any direction, giving you more time to play.

Waterproof device for wet and dry use

The OneBlade device is waterproof, so it is easy to clean by rinsing it under the tap. You can use it for wet or dry shaving, with or without foam - the choice is yours.

Technical Specifications

  • Power

    Battery type
    Working time
    30 minutes
    Automatic tension
    Full charging takes 8 hours
    Max power consumption
    5.4 W
  • Construction

    Ergonomic handle for easy holding
    Blue Pavone, Lime green
  • Service

    2 years warranty
    2 years warranty on the handle
    Replaceable head
    • QP215
    • Replace every 4 months*
  • Shaving efficiency

    Shaving system
    • Technology that adapts to shapes
    • Double protection system
  • Ease of use

    Battery (rechargeable)
    Wet and dry shaving

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